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Working for an Evil Overlord is never the safest of jobs, nor the most prestigious...nor the most lucrative, but there's still a certain amount of pride in doing so. That's especially true when the Overlord's fiendish plan for world domination finally comes to fruition. At that point, the best place to be is at the Overlord's side as their right-hand man, woman, or ogre. This lofty position over all other Minions is the single goal, the end-point, the focus of every Minion to become the one and only HENCHMAN.  

In Henchman: The Card Game, each player is a Minion working for an Evil Overlord. When the previous Henchman comes to the end of their employment—due entirely to unnatural causes, we assure you—it is exactly the opportunity these Minions been looking for! The Minions launch an epic competition of subterfuge, deceit, and backstabbing among themselves to prove themselves worthy to become the next Henchman!


Designed by gaming industry veterans Dylan Birtolo and John Helfers, Henchman: The Card Game supports 2 – 5 players and takes approximately 30 minutes to play. With a focus on quick gameplay, a humorous tone, and lots of player interaction, Henchman is the game where it's good to be bad!

Henchman: The Card Game is a deck-builder with a twist. Rather than building their deck of cards over the course of the game, each player takes turns purchasing cards from a skills market to build their deck before the core game begins. Once all players have purchased a unique collection of skills, these get added to the start cards common to all Minions. All players are now ready to begin attempting to increase their reputation with the Evil Overlord. Players take turns being the Minion in Charge (MIC). The Minion in Charge is responsible for doling out tasks to the other Minions, who then play cards to either help or hinder their abilities to complete the tasks. Completing a task rewards both the minion who undertook it, as well as the MIC—after all, one of the core responsibilities of any leader is delegation. However, failing to complete a task results in facing the wrath of the Evil Overlord. Once enough tasks have been completed that the Evil Overlord feels comfortable enough to launch their scheme, the Minion who has curried the most favor will become the new Henchman! Hopefully they last longer than the last one... 


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