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Hull Breach!



Hull Breach! was created by a team of current and former military members who wanted a fast paced, easy-to-carry card game that employed real world military tactics

The Basics

Each player has his or her own deck of cards consisting of a Station, ships, modules, Marines, technological breakthroughs, events, and tactics. Players compete head-to-head to destroy each other's fleets and space station; the last player or team standing is the victor

In Defiance of Dictators

In Defiance of Dictators is the 3rd box set in the Hull Breach! Universe. Play straight out of the box, or combine with the first 2 box sets. 

Will you  trust in the troops of the RDF's Marine Training Division, or the commerce of the colonial Independent Shipping Outfit? Take up the mantle of the Rattlesnake Confederation, and strike a blow for independence? Or do you depend on the Merchant Marine Logistics Center, and help the RDF war efforts to drive ever onward?

Corporate wars

Hull Breach: Corporate Wars is a tactical, operational, and strategic space-combat and logistics card game for two or more players.

Humanity took to the stars almost 500 years ago, and in that time mega-corporations have divided all humanity's wealth and power among themselves.  Ideas like democracy and the nation-state died long ago - but the quality of life for the average person was never better.  Humanity reached out into the cosmos and found an empty galaxy ripe for the taking.  But those who have power always want more power, and so almost 20 years ago the three mega-corporations finally came to blows in a series of conflicts of unparalleled destruction.  The wars are officially over, but there are still scores to be settled, power to be seized, and riches to be won.

Lead your forces into battle as the commander of a Corporate-owned space station for one of the three mega-corps and drive your competitors out of your corner of space.  Remember - everything has a price and rarely is that price too steep to pay for absolute power.  The Corporate Wars aren't over; they've only just begun.

In Corporate Wars, there are 3 factions: 

  • Xeros Orbital Shipyards
  • Anaheim Manufacturing Platform
  • Bank of the Galaxy Regional Headquarters

Loyalty and Vigilance

Loyalty and Vigilance is the 2nd box set that expands upon the Corporate Wars set as well as acting as a stand-alone game. 

This set introduces 3 more decks: 

  • RDF Skyline Defense Headquarters
  • Deep Space Colony
  • Stellar Tax Gate Bureau

The Corporate Wars are over and the Republic Defense Force has been thrust into the role of humanity's guardians.  But who does the RDF serve?  RDF leadership views the mega-corps as hostiles and everyone out on the frontier as rebels and terrorists.  The military organization created to defend humanity against external threats seems to many almost as likely to destroy humanity as to protect it.  What course will you chart?

Take command of an RDF, Corporate or Colonial fleet to either crush colonial rebellions or win your independence from tyranny!  No matter who you fight for, only loyalty and vigilance will get you through the fight!



Operative Network

Thank you for your interest in enrolling into our Hull Breach Operative Network. Operatives are our volunteer ambassadors for the game, running events at game stores, conventions, and anywhere else we can.  As an Operative, you get access to discussions about the creation of upcoming expansions, scenario games and events. You will also receive promotional offers before they become available to the public and will be enlisted as official game testers of upcoming sets through exclusive print and play access!

Sounds good: Here's how to get involved!

In order to become an Operative you will need to do three things:

1:  Own at least one box set of Hull Breach.

2: Be willing to assist us in testing, teaching, and promoting our game.

3: Take and pass our multiple choice entrance exam.

Once you do these three things,  you will be entered into the Hull Breach Operative Network, where you will be among an elite group of gamers and HB developers. 

Click here for Operative Test

The exam is open book, so download the rules and the test. Once you've completed the test email us your answers at

Good luck, Commanders!


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